Musings of Del in Diego

Del Aqui thoughts and ideas just as they come up randomly.

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Leaving San Diego for the Nard

Just leaving the home I have lived in the past 3 years. Dont know what the future has in store with me. Looking forward in talking about it with my Unvle Dick. He always seems to get me.

We will be staying in Oxnard for 1 month until my mom gets back from the Phillipines. I think my sister Leah wants me to stay in San Diego and gut it out. I dont know, it seems daunting. Then again, I have seen other people overcome more odds. EWven my parents lives seem more of a challenge than anything I am going through. Then again it doesnt mean my problems are any less real.

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The Rolando Street Fair.


Taking Duke out for a walk,  we go to the Rolando street fair. Duke sniffs every dog and child there. He is really enjoying the attention because he knows he is the coolest dog in the neighborhood. Street vendors, carnival rides, live bands and local merchants converge on Rolando Dr/El Cajon Bvld.. We got home before it started raining, which was nice.