Musings of Del in Diego

Del Aqui thoughts and ideas just as they come up randomly.

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Big Decision

In order to further myself, I have to come back to Florida in a stable home. I need to know I have a good diet, exercise, study and work together to my eventual goal to be a physician. My dream is to go to the new medical school in Orlando, FL. UCF College of Medicine



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Easter in Oxnard

It took about 5 hours on the Amtrak. Listening to iTunes and talking on the cell phone. Easter egg hunt and then Grandma Doc’s funeral Tuesday.


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Sad Day

So I just get off my home phone with my sister Leah about an hour ago. I head to the mall to relax and do a little mall walking and my iPad rings with an email from Vonage who translated my Grandma’s dog Charlie died today. I knew it was very bad in translating because I knew neither of my Grandmas had a dog. My Nanay had a dog named Charlie in the 1990’s, but she never seemed too broken up when he ran away. Certainly not to the level where it warranted Leah calling me only an hour after talking with her.

So I listened to the recorded message on the attachment, and found out my Grandma Doc died today. Grandma Doc Eudocia Chiong is my mom’s mom. I always share most major holidays with her and my cousins on that side. I regret missing her last birthday because of work. I will miss you Grandma.